“It took only a few centuries for humans and giants to carve kingdoms from the Wild, but the deadly threat of monsters behind every stone and branch remains.”
Cindersong is the tale of a misanthropic healer and her mild-mannered dragon as they search for her girlfriend's murderers. Unfortunately, her quest for bloody vengeance is frustrated by a series of increasingly cordial and well-meaning companions who insist on helping one another, learning new things, and exploring their feelings. Their travels take them through a wild and unexplored world- making friends, dodging foes, and skirting a deadly war.

The comic updates Mondays and Fridays.
Cindersong will contain mild language, mild romance, LGBTQ themes, lush food drawings, and genre-typical violence. It is not recommended for readers who are emotionally unprepared for any of those things.

Created by Sarah Stern, a regular human whose dayjob is coloring other comics for Oni Press, Dark Horse, Boom! and IDW.